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How to take photos of your Clients Nails

There are a few things you need to take into consideration when taking photos of your clients nails and your nail art to make sure you get a good picture for your website and social media.

First things you need to sort out are :-






Your smartphone and iPhone are ideal for taking photos, you don't need an expensive camera to take good photos.

* The one thing to make sure you don't do is use the flash.

*Make sure before you start taking photos that your lens is clean. With our phones our lenses get dirty and dusty and this affects your photo quality.

*Back up - make sure you do not take your photos too close to your client, back up and crop your photos, they will be sharper, clearer and have a better finish if you are further away.


*Keep it clean and simple try not to complicate it with too many colours or bright colours. A clear background will showcase your nails and work so much better than a bright colour which will detract from your photo.

* Keep props out of your photo or background as it will detract from your actual work and look messy in the photo.

*Use this opportunity to brand your work, get a nail board with your name or logo on which will tell your viewers who you are and make your work more memorable in the future.


*Find where your light is coming from and what kind of light source it is

*Most ceiling lights are cold light which is not great for photos and can give your photos a blue / green tinge to it and change the look for the colour on your clients nails.

*Either find a natural daylight source or invest in a daylight lamp which you can use over your clients hands when taking your photos.

*Make sure your daylight lamp is flexible so you can move and adjust the angle of the light to get the best photo. This can take practise so have patience, getting it right can make your photos look incredible!

*Make sure your light is as close to the nails as possible and your get the right angle for the best 'light streak' on the nails, this is what is going to make your work stand out. The key is to have a nice line shine through all the nails

*Be aware of which angle you take your photos as you don't want shadows of your own phone on your work.

*Remember do NOT use your camera flash


There are many ways you can pose your clients hands to get a flattering angle, it will be up to you to place them in the way that works for you with your light and background. It can take the smallest adjustment to the tilt of the hand or the placement of the nails that will make your photos stand out.

*Dont spread your nails out too much, try and contain them in a small area so that your viewer is focused on the nails and are not distracted by them being all over the place.

*Make sure there are not shadows on the nails when posing the hands

*Get some inspiration from other nail techs on poses and see if you can copy these so you have a wide range of poses for your nails

*Get creative, try and come up with your own poses and get inspiring others!

*Develop your own style and brand your own nails :)

Have Fun and enjoy branding and showcasing your work !

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