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How to become a Professional Lash Technician

So you want to join the world of Lashing! How do you go about making Lashes your new career?

Don't worry we are here to help! We will give you the honest truth about Lashes, Lashing and being a Lash Technician.

Is being a Lash Technician for you?

Lets begin by making sure this is the career for you.

Firstly.... What is a lash technician? A Lash technician is a certified professional lash artist who works for themselves or in a salon doing Lash Extensions.

Qualifications you I need to be a lash technician?

A professionally recognised training qualification which is through a training provider who has their courses accredited by a professional body. This will allow you to gain recognised industry insurance once you have qualified so you can work on the public in your own business or within salons.

How much is a Lash Training course?

Lash training courses can range from £100 to £500. Be prepared to invest in a good training academy that is going to offer a solid grounding in lashes. It is true, you do get what you pay for, and most students end up having to retrain because their original course was 'cheap and cheerful' and they were in and out in a few hours expecting to know how to lash. You cannot possibly learn how to do lashes in an hour. You need a good knowledge of lash extensions, clients lashes, the industry and your products. A good lash trainer will also be prepared to help and guide you with support after your course, as your learning only truly begins when you start to do your case studies and models. So if your course fee seems too cheap - be careful as corners may be being cut or you may be in a class of 10 - 20 people and not get the individual training you need when learning lashes.

If your course seems expensive, then consider the after course support and the amount of time the trainer may be factoring into quality training.

Will I need a Kit?

Most courses will require you to have a kit for your course. This is so that your trainer can train you with the products you have on the day of your course so you are confident in going forward post training. Getting a course approved kit can also ensure you are getting professional standard and approved products.

Lash Extension Kits can range from £50 - £150

What are my hours as a Lash Technician?

Be aware that successful lash technicians do work long hours and sometimes unsociable ones. This is when our clients are mostly available for treatments. Evenings and weekends are the most popular. So be prepared to work these hours if you want to make your business a successful one.

If you are working in a salon be prepared to work 2 - 4 days a week of 5 - 7 hours.

If you are working for yourself be prepared that your hours will fluctuate, some weeks you may do 2 days 10 - 2 and other weeks you may do 6 - 7 days of 8 - 10 hour days. It is always different and will depend on how much you want to earn and how popular your lashing business is.

What can I earn as a Lash Technician?

Your earnings will depend on your hours of course and the amount you charge per set of lashes. It is not a good idea to sell yourself short and do lashes cheaply. People will equate you to your prices and if you are too cheap people will wonder why and avoid you as they may think you are cutting corners or using cheap products, or worse not qualified.

Don't undercut your competition, we are all working in the industry and there are enough clients to go around so price what is the going rate in your area and do the best job you can do for your clients. Your clients will remain loyal if you look after them and their lashes. Lash clients are very loyal people to good lash technicians!

Once you get your lashing speed to an hour you can earn +/- £40 + an hour depending on your area and the type of lashes you offer. On a standard lash extension kit you can normally get about £800 profit when charging £40 per set of lashes.

So if you charge £40 per set of lash extensions and do 2 clients a day, thats 10 clients a week you have an earning potential of £1600 a month working from home or mobile. Not bad at all for your own small start up.

So thats it, some of the basic essentials to consider when looking to become a Lash Technician. I have been doing lashes for over 8 years and can honestly say it is one of my favourite treatments to offer. I have clients who have been with me for the duration of the 8 years so I know first hand how loyal Lash Clients can be. Being a lash artist is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying jobs in the industry today!

Do you think this is a career and Industry you would like to be a part of?

If so then we are just the people who can help you! We offer full confidential and free pre course advice to see if this is the right course for you. We also offer after course support and mentoring to help you once you learn your new skills.

Our Certified and Accredited Lash Extension courses start from £189 and our professional lash extension kits start from £89. Our classes are mostly 2 per class with a maximum of 4 students per class.

We cover Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Worcester and Evesham.

Contact us today and we can chat to you about our Lash Extension course dates and give you more information about a Career in this popular and fast growing industry.

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