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Boost your Christmas Sales and be busy in January!

Is your Christmas Marketing ready?  Are you geared up in all the ways you can be to make the most out of the festive season?

Did you know it can take at least 6 months for search engines to pick up on your marketing content? That means to be picked up by Christmas you would need to start preparing your marketing in July! Crazy I know, but as your business grows your marketing from this year will be picked up next year and you can build on that at least.

So when deciding to create content for your website or webpages make sure you do this in advance, prepare your blogs, gift vouchers, and visuals well in advance so you can then dip into them when you need to without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

For the new business's out there that are starting their marketing this year we have a few tips to help get the most out of your Christmas sales now.

1) Create and Offer gift vouchers.  From as little as £5 (stocking fillers) to £100 for package deals.  Make sure your buyers are aware the vouchers do not need to be used all at once as this attracts more sales.  Some people would like to split their voucher into a few special treats and not have to find 4 hours in one day to use up a large gift voucher.

2) Make your gift vouchers pretty! Buy some ribbon, put some glitter on them and make them presentable so they can be given as gifts in themselves.

3) Offer free postage on your gift vouchers (its a stamp to you but a bargain to your buyer and encourages more sales)

4) Offer last minute gift vouchers to be emailed over.... there are always your last minute shoppers who would like to be able to pay online and grab a quick gift without it looking like a last minute dash to the service station.

5) Do little gift packages with discount vouchers.  Make up little Manicure or Pedicure sets with some quirky bits in them like toe separators, glitter varnishes and a good nail strengthener, add a 10% off or £5 discount voucher to be used in January only this will encourage January Sales!

6) Make some fun crackers for your clients with different discount voucher options in them (you can get DIY crackers from Hobby craft and personalised labels from eBay) make sure all the discount vouchers are only valid in January on a range of treatments.  This will help fill your spaces in January as people will be ready for a treat and happy to get some money off after the madness of Christmas.

7) Get your clients to share or Tag a nice Christmas offer post to their pages to make their friends and family aware of what they may want as a gift idea.

8) As gifts to your loyal clients give them a discount code to use in January in their Christmas cards as a thank you for their support throughout the year.

9) Get your clients to book their December appointments early to avoid any rush, or you being overwhelmed in the run up to Christmas.  Also get your Christmas closing dates listed on your webpages or social media early so clients can plan around your closing dates.

10) Enjoy the run up to Christmas and use it as a time to fill your salon with the smells of Cinnamon and Christmas Cookies, get the festive atmosphere going and thank all your clients in lots of small ways for their continued loyal support throughout the year!

Have a Fabulous Festive Season from all of us at LB Training Academy.

Leigh Blackwell

LB Training Academy


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Leigh is a fully qualified international trainer and teaches a variety of course in both Beauty and Holistic Treatments.