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Heat Spikes on Gel Nails and how to avoid them.

What are Heat Spikes?

Excessive heat spikes are caused whenever unusually rapid polymerisation or hardening occurs. When polymerisation occurs too quickly, excessive heat will be released in a short time period to create a heat spike. In other words when the gel varnish cures too quickly it becomes unusually hot in certain areas and the client feels a burn sensation while under the UV/LED Lamp.

Heat spikes are not normal and should not be common when doing your clients Gel or Shellac non chip varnish.

There are a few reasons heat spikes occur and understanding these will help you to do your best to avoid them when doing your clients nails.

The main cause of heat spikes is when the natural nail has been over filled, damaged or your client is coming away from Acrylic nails to try and re grow their natural nails.

The nail plate has been thinned down by the filing so will be really sensitive to the heat of your lamp and the chemical reaction taking place. If you see that your client has unusually thin nail plates or has nail plate damage do make them aware that they may feel the heat of the UV lamp while their nails are healing.

The other reason you could get heat spikes is when gel varnish is applied too thickly on the nails. The amount of gel needing to cure can cause it to be come unstable during the curing process and cause a heat spike. Use a small thin layer of gel varnish rather than a thick layer, this will help eliminate the worry of heat spikes with thick varnish coats.

Using lamps that are not designed for certain gel products can cause heat spikes. If you are curing a UV Gel under an LED lamp you are rushing the curing process the gel may need in order to have a steady chemical reaction. A UV lamp needs 2 minutes of curing time whereas a LED lamp will cure in 30 seconds so you can see how the reaction would be sped up and can cause the gel to become unstable.

If your client does experience a heat spike the best thing to do is to ensure they remove their hand from the curing lamp immediately and explain the reason why they may have had this reaction.

Happy Nailing!!

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