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New Beauty and Holistic Training Academy launches Nationwide.

This month we are proud to announce the launch of our new nationwide Training Academy. We have worked hard this year updating our skills, looking for new courses to introduce to our students and preparing updated. fresh and concise manuals for our students to ensure you have a full rounded view of your training with all the necessary industry information to help you start building on your new found skills with confidence.

Our training academy was founded by Leigh Blackwell who has been a trainer in Gloucestershire for 7 years within the Beauty, Massage and Holistic industry. Leigh started her training career with a small passionate independent training company whilst running her own successful salon in Gloucestershire. When Leigh left her training company to start her own academy it was with a vision to help other therapists in the Beauty and Holistic industry to be able to extend their skills into the training sector with full a supportive and a dynamic team behind them! LB Training Academy was born!

What makes us different?

Our academy has been set up to help Beauty and Holistic therapists work within their own areas and run their own courses without having to have the stress and costs of trying to get themselves independently accredited. We have done all the hard work for you! By being a member of LB Training Academy you get to use our accredited courses, we provide the training plans, the training manuals and certificates for your students. All certificates are fully recognised and accredited and will carry the trusted name of LB Training Academy to enable your students to work within the Beauty and Holistic Industry sector.

We offer all our Trainers full support and will work with you to train you on how to set up your lesson plans and carry out quality training which will inspire and promote your students to come back time and time again to use your training to further their career.

If you would like further information on becoming an educator in your area get in touch with our friendly team who can answer all your questions and help you become part of a dynamic Nationwide Training Academy.

LB Training Academy

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Leigh is a fully qualified international trainer and teaches a variety of course in both Beauty and Holistic Treatments.