The first ever Forever Brow Wax Stick on   market. 


Easy to clean between each application. This stainless steel tool is easy to clean and you can disinfect between applications. Each brow stick lasts a lifetime. Each tool is ‘handmade’ ‘handfinished’ in the UK. Marine grade stainless steel, so no rust. No more wooden wax sticks. No waste. So much kinder to the planet, and we are all for that. Go green go steel, go comfort. 


Follow us on our journey in changing the face of beauty.


Save our rainforests


Preserve our planet as we preserve ourselves 


Doing away with single use products


Consider your products life cycle, it should be more than seconds


Lifetime use and longevity 


Re use and Reduce waste


The product that sticks around. 

Care, usage and cleaning instructions come with your Browstix.


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Forever Wax Stick for Precision Brow Waxing

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